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Imke Verhaegh




Imke studeerde in 2020 af aan de Radboud Universiteit in Nederlands Recht. Sinds september 2020 is ze in dienst bij Capaz Procesfinanciering.




Perry Willard


M: 06–15025951


Perry joined Poelmann van den Broek Advocaten of Nijmegen as a commercial lawyer in 1994. He was a partner from 2003 to 2015 and served as a Director from 2008 to 2014. His clientele consisted primarily of SMEs and larger businesses, which he supported with takeovers, mergers, shareholder’s and other disputes and general contracts.


“Litigation funding is a fascinating concept. As a practicing lawyer I frequently encountered strong cases which the client nevertheless decided not to pursue, partly because of the associated risk but also because of uncertainty about the outcome. Capaz can assist claimants both in financial terms and on the procedural/organisational front. It was those factors, together with the challenges of entrepreneurship and of taking on the role of pioneer in this market that encouraged me to set up Capaz.”



Tom Lenting



M: 06-52633115


Tom launched his first business venture in 2003, before he had even completed his Marketing degree, helping fellow students find fill-in jobs. Over a period of ten years that business grew to become one of the larger HR service providers in the Netherlands. The business was taken over in 2014.


“From mid-2015 onwards I worked on setting up Capaz with Perry and Twan. I really felt that pioneering spirit, building up a business from nothing, in a new and largely undeveloped market and drawing energy from my partners. I am concerned primarily with the “front end” of Capaz: how do we ensure that as many people as possible are aware of Capaz and our unique proposition.”



Twan Konings



M: 06-48267812


On completing his studies Twan worked for around 5 years with PwC. In 2000 he and a partner set up a accountancy and tax advice consultancy, Konings & Meeuwissen, now an established name in that field with a staff of around 90 working out of 4 branches.


“What I bring to Capaz is primarily business sense and a no-nonsense mentality. At Capaz we combine professional expertise with an energetic and commercial approach. Starting up in a relatively new market is a challenge, but it’s very satisfying to see the concept develop and grow. I see substantial opportunities for Capaz to build up a strong market position on the national scale.”