Working with Capaz

Put your case to us: if we are as convinced of your chances of success as you are, you will receive an investment proposal. If we should come to an agreement, Capaz will from that time onwards pay all the costs associated with the proceedings, including the fees of lawyers, bailiffs and Court Registrars.


Clear agreements

If your case succeeds then our fee will be the agreed percentage of the proceeds of the dispute, after deduction of our costs. 30% is the usual rate, meaning that you will still receive the majority of the award when you act in collaboration with Capaz. If the judgement goes against you, however, or if it proves impossible to recover what is due to you, you will owe Capaz nothing and Capaz will pay any costs for the proceedings.

Added legal clout

Financial support is only one aspect of working with Capaz. Part two is the support we provide with the actual legal proceedings. Capaz will not be a party in your case, but we can put an extensive network of top tier legal expertise and experience at your disposal. We collaborate with specialised lawyers, experts and scientists who can bring their expertise to your case where desired. This extra legal clout could make all the difference in your case.


Are you considering litigation funding? Contact us and put your case to our legal specialists.