Capaz Litigation Funding

However strong your legal case may be, you as a private individual or business may well balk at the costs and the time bound up with court proceedings. Your claims may be justified, but what will you come away with in practical terms after a legal battle that goes on for years? Capaz Procesfinanciering (Capaz Litigation Funding) can provide a solid foundation for your promising legal case, and provide you with the financial and legal power you will need to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

Financial reach

Simply being in the right is not enough to ensure success in legal proceedings. Whether the judgement comes out in your favour will depend on the conduct of the case but also on your financial capacity. Capaz will absorb all your legal costs. If necessary and desirable you and your legal advisor may also make use of our ample knowledge and experience and our extensive network of experts.

The literal meaning of “Capaz” is “capable”. Our aim is to equip you to successfully bring claims before a court. We achieve this by investing in our client’s legal rectitude. If we accept your case it means that the probability of success is high. We will pay the legal costs throughout the proceedings. You run no financial risk either: if, despite our expectations, your case is unsuccessful, then Capaz will bear the costs. To compensate for our investment and risk, Capaz takes a percentage of the proceeds.


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