Litigation funding

The principle of litigation funding is simple: if our legal experts judge that your case has a good chance of success, we will act from that moment on as your dependable financial and legal partner. You can put your case to us yourself, but we are also engaged by lawyers and other legal advisors when promising cases stall or when proceedings get bogged down.


Capaz will handle all the financial aspects of your case. You will have no further costs, even if your case is unsuccessful. The fee for Capaz will be taken from the proceeds of the hearing.


You will also have additional legal clout available to you if required. Together with your own legal advisors you will remain in full control, with the option of calling on the expertise of our network of specialists.



You can engage the services of Capaz on cases with a financial interest of at least €100,000. The case in question may already be before the court, but that is not essential.

Benefits of litigation funding

  • Financial Security: Launching legal proceedings no longer equates to signing a blank cheque. You know exactly where you stand, and run no financial risk.
  • Financial freedom: there is no need for you to set funds aside or to draw on your company’s resources or invested capital;
  • Added legal clout: you and your legal advisors have access to our network of legal specialists.
  • Increased likelihood of success: when undertaking legal proceedings you will set the probability of success against the financial implications: is the case worth the time, the expense, the uncertainty? When you work with Capaz there are two things you know for sure: you have a greater chance of success, and your financial risk is virtually zero.


Contact us today, and put your case to our specialists.