You can initiate legal proceedings as a private individual or as a business. In many cases it is a lawyer, an advisor or the official receiver who alerts a client to the benefits of litigation funding, and often it is these parties who initiate the proceedings. They can see that the case has a good chance of success, but also that their client does not wish or is not able to make the necessary time or resources available to pursue it. The financial value of your claim against the other party must be €100,000 as a minimum.


A quick decision

Once you have provided us with all the details of your case we will reach a speedy decision: to invest or not. If we decide not to invest, you will not pay any fees for our assessment. If our decision is positive you will receive an investment proposal from us, setting out the agreement about the percentage fee if your case is brought successfully.

Our evaluation will include:

  • The substance of the claim;
  • The value of the claim;
  • The probability of success;
  • The anticipated time path and costs.


Your own legal advisor will continue in that role, while we will make our expertise and our network available as required. In the end we all have a shared interest. Collaborating with us will also add legal clout to your case. Our extensive and expert preliminary evaluation has been demonstrated to be an outstanding predictor of eventual success.


Contact us today, and put your case to our specialists.