About Capaz

In the Netherlands everyone is entitled to have access to justice. Anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly may ask the Court to issue a judgement. That is the theory. In practice many justified claims remain undecided. Claimants are often unwilling or unable to invest time and money in a case which may continue over an extended period and with high initial costs.


The capacity to ensure that you receive justice

Capaz Procesfinanciering (Capaz Litigation Funding) will support you and your legal advisors. The literal meaning of “Capaz” is “capable”. Our aim is to equip businesses and private individuals to successfully bring claims before a court. We successfully invest in promising legal cases. We have the capability to bring your legal case to a satisfactory conclusion. What sets us apart at Capaz is our people, bringing together legal expertise, commercial good sense and financial security.

Top tier legal team

We have an extensive network of specialists who you or your legal advisor can call on at any time, without any additional charge. This can add weight and legal clout to your case, and it means that if we take on your case you will have a dedicated, top tier legal team behind you.


Our organisation is directed by Perry Willard, Tom Lenting and Twan Konings, bringing with them some two decades of legal experience and expertise in advocacy and jurisprudence as well as providing you with the financial security of a partner like Capaz.